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9-11 SEPTEMBER 2019


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Cape Town is known as the tech startup capital in Africa and this year it will play host to the XVII International Triple Helix Conference on 9 to 11 September 2019. With breathtaking views and ocean breeze, it sets the tone for inspiration and collaboration.

The ‘Mother City’, as Cape Town is often referred to, is one of the oldest cities in South Africa and a true metropolis (derived from Greek metros –mother, polis – city). Rich in history, language and culture, it is so aptly named. Cape Town boasts breathtaking views of the two oceans, Pacific and Atlantic, surrounded by beautiful mountains and a wealth of knowledge. It offers its visitors a full immersion in the culture and an opportunity to experience the South African startup ecosystem; one that is leading Industry 4.0 in the country.

To make your conference journey a little easier, Kumba Africa is here to assist:

The Venue

This is one of our most iconic landmarks, where every visit is as unique as the structure itself. Its excellent location and accessibility, amazing legacy, world-class facilities, staff and security come together to create a space fit for any event. Making it so much more than just a stadium.

Visa Information

Before planning your visit, ensure you are aware of the visa requirements. Certain passport holders will need to apply and secure a visa before their arrival while others are exempt. The Department of Home Affairs of South Africa has all the required visa information you may need.

Visa Information

Visa Exempt Countries


Should you require an invitation letter, please send an email to with proof of registration.

Beautiful Cape Town