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Triple Helix Journal is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen.

The Triple Helix of university-industry-government relations is an internationally recognized model for understanding entrepreneurship, the changing dynamics of universities, innovation and socio-economic development.

The aim of the journal is to publish research for an international audience covering analysis, theory, measurements and empirical enquiry in all aspects of university-industry-government interactions. The objective is to unite key research on the transformations of universities, capitalization of knowledge, translational research, spin-off activities, intellectual property, knowledge and technology transfer, as well as the international bases and dimensions of Triple Helix relations, their impacts, social, economic, political, cultural, health and environmental implications as they arise from and shape Triple Helix interactions.
Open to all innovation authors, the special mission of the journal is to be an international outlet also for innovation scholars from developing countries.

Guest Editor of the Special issue: Prof. Marcelo Amaral, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

The Review of Administration, Society and, Innovation (RASI) is a scientific and technological journal hosted at the Graduate Program in Administration (PPGA) of the Institute of Human and Social Sciences (ICHS), a unit of Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in Brazil.

RASI publishes scientific and technological articles, cases for teaching and theoretical essays on Administration. This typically includes texts related to Innovation Management; Public Administration; Accountability; Strategy; Operations Management; Risk management; Social Management; Electronic Government Descriptions; Social Technologies; and cases for teaching.

Created in 2015 with semiannual periodicity, RASI accepts papers in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Since 2019 it is published quarterly following the high-level patterns defined by the ANPAD (Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs and Research in Administration). RASI is qualified as a B3 journal by CAPES (Brazilian research funding agency). It offers free access to its content, following the principle that providing free scientific and technological knowledge to the public provides greater global democratization of knowledge.


Industry and Higher Education focuses on the multifaceted and complex relationships between higher education institutions and business and industry. It looks in detail at the processes and enactments of academia-business cooperation as well as examining the significance of that cooperation in wider contexts, such as regional development, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. While emphasizing the practical aspects of academia-business cooperation, IHE also locates practice in theoretical and research contexts, questioning received opinion and developing our understanding of what constitutes truly effective cooperation.

Guest Editor of the special issue: Dr Christiane Gebhardt, Member of the Executive Committee of the Triple Helix Association, Germany

African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID) is a multidiscipline journal covering economics, science, engineering, and technology, but with the core focus on economics of innovation and development. AJSTID provides an important outlet to research on process and impact of science, technology and innovation at two levels: the narrow objective of achieving industrial growth, and the broader objective of achieving socio-economic development, particularly in Africa and other developing economies.

AJSTID aims to undertake and promote the scientific research in a broader sense. It provides an outlet for research works by scientists, academia, engineers, practitioners, doctoral scholars and post graduate students concerned with the impact of science, technology and innovation process on industrial, economic, and social development. AJSTID brings Publishing to the doorstep of every emerging researcher in Africa and other developing countries.

Hélice is the Magazine of the Triple Helix Association which is produced by an Editorial Board  with the contribution and supervision of the THA President, Prof. Henry Etzkowitz

It has been distributed to scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers, and is reaching organizations, including universities, public research organizations, as well as public administrators all over the world. Our records indicate an audience of about +3.000 readers, including members and non-members of Triple Helix Association.

Since the inaugural issue of Hélice, we have been emphasizing an open dialogue philosophy, where we welcome feedback, comments, critiques, additions, or alternative opinions, as well as reflections on any published article.

Contributions are invited in the form of:

ARTICLES/ESSAYS dealing with aspects of the interaction between academy-industry-government (Triple Helix) for fostering research, innovation, economic competitiveness and growth.